Corporate Finance

With extensive experience in the financial sector, we provide corporate finance and M&A advisory services to clients of all sizes, ranging from family offices to institutional players. We will work with you to implement the most appropriate Blockchain technology and guide a well-vetted decision-making process.

Blockchain Solutions is completely independent. This means that our services are not influenced by external factors, letting us work with an unbiased perspective. We only take on projects where we can help add value.
We support you in the execution of tech-due-diligence, from investment to company acquisition and sales, all the way to full system integration.

We design and create business ideas, support implementation, and oversee the governance structure that will guide your venture. We provide a business-proven methodology and access to our ecosystem of key external partners such as law firms, banks, and infrastructure providers.

We conduct traditional and digital fundraising in a fully regulated environment (ICO, STO, and equity tokens).

We help our clients identify the right targets. Our holistic approach enables us to identify unique market opportunities for our clients and accompany them throughout deal execution.

We bring traditional assets onto the Blockchain, from real estate to mutual funds. We provide tokenization services that are fully compliant with the requirements of the relevant jurisdictions.

We provide small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) with capacity building and expertise for the transition toward sustainability and digitization. We provide access to financing and improve market access through tailored digital asset strategies.

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