What are Digital Products?
Digital products (or e-products) are immaterial products in exclusively digital form. This topic covers a wide range of areas, where we at Blockchain Solutions put our focus on mobile apps, cloud-based applications & virtual goods.

Digital products are not limited to specific sectors. We operate across industries, logistics, banking and insurance, the public sector, and other services.

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Features of Digital Products
To get started with Industry 4.0, it is important that three factors work together - hardware, software, and connectivity. With us, you have found a partner who offers all three from a single source and also comes up with fresh ideas for the complete IoT solution - tailored to your individual needs.

Starting with consulting, hardware and software development, prototype development and components like chips and protocols, Blockchain Solutions provides the essential elements for your scalable IoT application.

Our digitization services include products, processes, and business models. In doing so, we work quickly, with high precision and cost-efficiency.

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Current Projects in the Area of Digital Products


Tokenization & the accompanying settlement of tokenized assets.


Advisory for Blockchain implementations in forward-thinking companies.


Design of a data-sharing marketplace for medically applicable cannabis.

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