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As distributed ledger technology advances, digital assets are creating a new era of opportunity for financial institutions, multinational corporations, and startups alike. To keep pace, companies of all sizes and industries benefit from understanding Blockchain applications and learning how to integrate them into existing and future business models. Our consulting services cover the entire scope of a blockchain project from strategy development to implementation. Our team participates in several industry working groups. These include regulatory, standardization, and financial. By working at the forefront of blockchain adoption and integration, we stay abreast of specific regulatory developments while developing a broad perspective on what meaningful progress looks like for businesses, institutions, the economy, and society.

For your ideas of a Blockchain-based ecosystem or a (media break-free) process digitization, we are happy to support your project with our experience in process digitization and automation with Blockchain technology. We are experts in the methodology, tools, and technologies to implement your concept as quickly as possible.

We create customized processes that use a structured and methodical approach to evaluate Proofs-of-Concept. Our team guides your company through a customized process that unpacks the technical feasibility and viability of potential solutions.

For the implementation of Blockchain infrastructures, a Blockchain-based ecosystem, or Digital Funding, you need secure and flawlessly running Smart Contracts as well as the corresponding interfaces with the existing systems. We support you legally and technically in the design and implementation of these Smart Contracts with our legal and cryptography experts.

As property transfer processes are mapped via Smart Contracts, it is essential to additionally check them for their economic and legal fit as well as functionality and security. We are happy to support you with our trained business, legal and IT security experts.

In order to fully benefit from the implementation of Blockchain technology, integration into existing system infrastructures is crucial. To this end, we work closely with specialist departments in the integration with the necessary compliance and system requirements in the best possible way.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) enable holistic, cross-company, and traceable digitization/automation of business processes. We are happy to support you in identifying the potential of processes without media discontinuity (with or without Blockchain), in requirements analysis of the processes in question, and the implementation of these processes without media discontinuity across companies (with and without blockchain).

Quick implementations with mock-ups and visual prototypes with limited functionality are helpful for presentations and the evaluation of initial concepts. We work closely together with our clients to visualize concepts in a concise and user-friendly way.

Together with you, we rethink processes and business models and implement them for you in the form of functional prototypes. In doing so, we place strong emphasis on clean requirements definition, feature prioritization through sprints (SCRUM), meaningful graphics and interfaces, and user-friendly processes for goal-oriented and beneficial experiences.

We cover the entire scope of blockchain implementation. We apply an end-to-end approach and implement technology, legal, business, marketing, and financial services together with our trusted partner network.

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